About The Tea Accent

The Tea Accent is a fully Australia owned company which curates the finest Indian tea leaves for you. Fortified with natural ingredients such as herbs, authentic Indian spices and flowers, our range of Indian black and green teas, tisanes, artisanal and herbal tea will set the mood going with their unique and refreshing flavour.
We, at Tea Accent showcase gourmet tea blends which have exceptional aroma and taste. Indian Teas make a great thoughtful gift idea for tea lovers and connoisseurs and nowhere better to procure them from than our online tea store. Our teas are whole leaf, healthy and flavourful.  100% natural. No artificial colours. No additives. Our teas and ingredients are handled with utmost care and blended in small batches so that they retain their flavour and impart maximum health benefits. Undoubtedly, we make tea drinking a deeply intense yet subtle experience for the senses and ensure that you enjoy the brew just the way it should be!