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Black Teas

Black Teas


      What is Black Tea?

      Generally, people talk about tea in Western culture in terms of black tea. Black tea is typically used to make sun tea, sweet tea, iced tea, and afternoon tea. In fact, black tea leaves are used in popular blends such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

      At The Tea Accent, we source and pack quality black tea blends in a modern warehouse. With our high-quality black tea sourced from the best tea estates of Darjeeling, Assam and Sikkim regions, you will enjoy many health benefits while also improving your mental health. 

      Why is black tea good for you?  

      There are numerous health benefits associated with black tea. It contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which protect the cells from DNA damage. Also, catechins and polyphenols found in black tea may help prevent some forms of cancer.   

      Some cancers can be prevented by drinking black tea. Black tea also contains antioxidants that may reduce artery blockages or atherosclerosis as well as lower the risk of heart attacks as well as cardiovascular disease.  

      It's also possible to reduce these conditions' risks by drinking black tea regularly: 

      • Stones in the kidneys

      • Parkinson’s disease

      • High cholesterol

      • Diabetes 

      Black tea bags are available at The Tea Accent for both retail and wholesale customers. If you would like more information or to place your order, you can visit our website or call us. 

      How many calories are there in black tea? 

      If you add nothing but boiling water to plain black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea or herbal tea, there are virtually no calories. When you add milk and a few sugars to your black tea in the morning, you're adding unwanted calories. 

      Does black tea help you lose weight? 

      Black tea has also been shown to help with weight loss due to its flavonoids and catechins. The benefits of losing weight are countered by adding milk or sugar to them. 

      How do you make black tea? 

      You will need the following ingredients to make black tea: 

      • Approximately 2 to 3 grams of black tea. You may use a teabag

      • 1 cup hot water

      • Sugar, milk, honey, or lemon are optional     

      How should black tea be consumed?  

      There are several ways to drink black tea. It can be consumed either hot or cold, depending on your preference. Black tea can be derived optimally through hot tea, as well as the many ancient health benefits of drinking hot water. 

      Which leaves are used in black tea?  

      The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are used to make black tea. Green tea and black tea are made with the same leaves; however, black tea leaves are oxidized. They are allowed to wither before they are oxidized. 

      Can black tea be beneficial to health? 

      Yes, black tea has many health benefits. Black tea improves mental alertness and enhances learning memory. Daily consumption of black tea can help prevent conditions like hypertension and cancer.   

      Black tea also reduces the risk of diabetes and keeps your skin healthy. If you drink black tea every day, your teeth will be stronger.  

      You will also sleep better when drinking black tea. Try a cup of black tea before going to sleep if you spend nights tossing and turning. 

      The Tea Accent understands that you need the best black tea to enjoy the flavor and get the best health benefits. Our teas are carefully processed and packaged to ensure their quality and freshness.