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Indian Summer Chai Black Tea
Indian Summer Chai Black Tea
Indian Summer Chai Black Tea
Indian Summer Chai Black Tea

Indian Summer Chai Black Tea

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A healthy blend of traditional CTC (milk tea) and 15 herbs and spices which make the routine milk chai not only delicious but also reduce the issues related to gas and acidity that are typically associated with milk tea. The Assam whole leaf tea is adds verve to the herbal fusion; which comprises of herbs with numerous health benefits.

Ingredients: CTC Tea, Black Leaf Tea, Mint , Cardamom, Rose, Licorice, Tulsi, Fennel, Manjishtha, Cumin, Ajwain, Fenugreek, Javitri, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Flaxseed, Brahmi

Brewing InstructionsAlways use fresh water. Bring water to near boiling point (99 degree Celsius). Take 1 teaspoon / 1 teabag in a cup. Pour the heated water and steep the tea for 3-4 mins. Adjust the time of brewing as per desired strength.

Tastes better with a dash of milk.

Tea flavour enhances as it cools. Our teas can be re-brewed, just steep it longer for the second time.

Know more about the ingredients in this tea:
Assam CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) tea is a type of black tea that is grown in the Assam region of India. The CTC method of production is a modern method that was invented in the 1930s and is used to produce a consistent, high-volume product. The leaves are crushed, teared, and curled, creating small, hard pellets. The leaves are then fermented and dried to produce the final product. Assam CTC tea is known for its strong, malty flavour. It is also known for its high caffeine content and is a good choice for those looking for a strong, energising tea.
Cardamom  Cardamom is a spice with an intense, slightly sweet flavor that some people compare to mint. The seeds, oils and extracts of cardamom are thought to have impressive medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Cardamom has been traditionally used to help with digestion and to reduce bloating and gas. Some studies have found that cardamom may help to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. Cardamom has been shown to have antibacterial properties and may be effective at killing certain types of bacteria. ome studies have found that cardamom may help to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.
Licorice Medicinal use of licorice dates back to ancient Egypt, where the root was made into a sweet drink for pharaohs. It has also been used in traditional Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Greek medicines to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problems.
Cinnamon Aromatic and refreshing, cinnamon is a popular blend for teas. The woody spice is believed to have numerous health benefits, besides adding a delighting warming taste to tea. Research reveals that cinnamon helps reduce insulin resistance, gives relief from common cold, indigestion, diarrhoea, poor blood circulation, and menstrual cramps and also helps in weight management. 
Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Due to its high levels of thymol, Ajwain Seeds have long been used in the ancient Indian medicinal practise Ayurveda for its health benefits. The seeds are used in medicinal pills as a remedy for ailments like heartburn, indigestion, and kidney and lung problems. It can also be applied topically to treat skin issues like acne. To help nursing mother produce milk, Carom seeds are steeped in milk or other liquids for drinking. 
Mint Refreshing and zingy, a dash of mint in tea makes the mood delightful with every sip. Fresh mint leaves are a special concoction in iced teas, relished during summer months. It has powerful antioxidant properties and is believed to manage blood sugar levels and treat skin-related problems. It is also found to aid in digestion and breathing disorders.  

Fennel Fennel has been extensively used for its inherent medicinal and culinary properties since ancient times. Fennel seeds are a storehouse of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, and calcium. They contain polyphenols such as rosmarinic acid, chlorogenic acid, quercetin and apigenin. In addition, fennel seeds are characterised by powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that enable them to treat various health conditions.
Cumin Seeds Cumin may be helpful for people trying to their manage body weight.Cumin seeds help with irritable bowel syndrome, reduces Cholesterol, reduces stress and improves memory. 
Flaxseed Flaxseed's health benefits come from the fact that it's high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as phytochemicals called lignans. Flaxseed also helps in improving cholesterol and heart health. It also helps in preventing constipation. 
Brahmi, also known as Bacopa monnieri, is a herb that is native to India and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed to have a variety of medicinal properties and is used to treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, stress, and memory problems. Brahmi is also thought to improve cognitive function and enhance learning and concentration. Some people also use it to treat skin conditions and as a general tonic to improve overall health and well-being.
Star Anise is a spice that is native to China and Vietnam. It is made from the dried, star-shaped fruit of the Illicium verum plant, and has a sweet, licorice-like flavour. It is also used in traditional medicine in some parts of the world and is believed to have a variety of health benefits, including the ability to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and relieve cough and cold symptoms.
Tulsi (Holy Basil) Is also know an Queen of herbs and a herb for all reasons.Tulsi has been found to protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from industrial pollutants and heavy metals, and physical stress.Tulsi has also been shown to counter metabolic stress through normalization of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels, and psychological stress through positive effects on memory and cognitive function and through its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.
Nutmeg is a spice made from the seed of the nutmeg tree, which is native to the Banda Islands of Indonesia. The seed is dried and ground to produce the spice, which has a warm, sweet, and slightly bitter flavour. In addition to its use as a spice, nutmeg has a long history of use in traditional medicine and is believed to have a variety of medicinal properties. It is thought to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from pain and other ailments.
Fenugreek Fenugreek is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean region. Fenugreek has been traditionally used to help with digestion and to reduce bloating and gas. Some research suggests that fenugreek may help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Fenugreek has been shown to have blood sugar-lowering effects and may be helpful for people with diabetes.
Manjistha, also known as Indian madder or Rubia cordifolia, is a perennial climbing plant that is native to India and other parts of Asia. The plant is known for its medicinal properties and is commonly used in Ayurvedic and traditional Indian medicine. It is used to treat skin diseases, lymphatic congestion, and as an anti-inflammatory agent. The root is also used to purify the blood and improve the complexion. It is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat conditions such as skin disorders, urinary tract infections, and rheumatoid arthritis. 
Rose Rose petal is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also free of caffeine, sugar, and calories. It contains Vitamins E and C, which are some of the best vitamins to promote healthy skin, reduce stress & anxiety. One of the most common traditional uses of rose tea is to treat stomach issues. Modern research suggests that this may be due to rose tea’s ability to increase our liver’s bile production. This helps your body digest food easier, prevents constipation and can improve nutrient absorption. 

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I've loved the unique teas here that I can't seem to find elsewhere. Their cups and saucers are next level too, and when I ordered a gift for a friend they went all out with packaging! I'd highly recommend.

Jo Matthew
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The Cough and Cold tea is amazing. After weeks of of lemon and honey to no avail, the cough and cold tea took immediate effect, relieving a chesty cough. All of the teas here have natural ingredients that smell and taste amazing!

M Fleming
Melbourne, VIC

Beautiful teas with rich flavours and gorgeous aromas, love the elegant packaging, would definitely recommend!

R Gamer
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